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Ayres Tarmacadam can provide all domestic and commercial clients with a complete tarmacadam service in Oxford. Ayres Tarmacadam can help with all tarmacadam solutions, from removing your old, damaged tarmacadam, asphalt or concrete, to surfacing your road with brand new material. Ayres Tarmacadam have over 50 years experience with tarmac and road surfacing for all clients throughout Oxford.

No job to big or small

Regardless of the scale of work required, whether it is on a small scale or a large one, Ayres Tarmacadam can cater for all areas from Tarmacadam roadways to gravel driveways for commercial and domestic clients throughout Oxford.

Ayres Tarmacadam will also ensure that the surface laid is not only durable, but suitable to the correct applications. Meaning, depending on the way the surface is laid, a suitable surface will be used to ensure that you get only the best from the service we provide you. For roads that are in constant use by a wide range of vehicles, a hard wearing and reliable material is essential. This is where Ayres can help, we can easily provide you with the right materials for your project, from asphalt to tarmac, we have the right solution for you.

Ayres are a friendly and helping team who will surface your road to the very best of our ability. We pride ourselves on the high level of quality tarmacadam services that we provide. Whatever the project, from gravel driveways and asphalt roads, tarmac, foot paths or anything else, Ayres Tarmacadam can help. Why not give us a call now to discuss your future project further.

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No project is too big or too small, for commercial and domestic


Ayres Tarmacadam are professionals in surfacing and resurfacing of footpaths

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