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Gravel driveways are the most common choices for home and commercial properties. They are affordable, easy to maintain and create an attractive look in town and country settings by matching the predominant brick and stone colouring in the area. Additionally, the vast choice of texture, size and colour makes the driveways an excellent choice for resurfacing. Ayres Tarmacadam has a long-standing reputation in the installation and maintenance of driveways. The business has been in operation since 1959, so you can be confident you’re getting the best repairs and maintenance services.


Drives made of the material wear out over time, causing them to become vulnerable to weed and dirt. Routine maintenance helps delay the process. With numerous years of experience, you are confident that our professionals will conduct a thorough inspection and perform the appropriate maintenance procedures. If weed has already developed, they will apply a weed killer on the surface and sweep the grit back to the drive area. The experts will then relay the top surface, especially if it is a high-traffic area. They will also top up the drive with grit to remove hollows that have developed. This is because the weight causes the tarmac to break down and become compact. Additionally, the granules pick up dirt over time hence, a fresh layer restores the unique crunch underfoot.

Prevent Spreading

Grit tends to move sideways after prolonged use. Homeowners are required to top it up frequently, which can be pretty tedious for most people’s busy schedules. Additionally, it can spread to the lawn, causing damage to equipment when mowing. Our professionals use the bedding in technique to ensure it settles and remains steady even in high-traffic areas.


The simple structure of these local drives makes them prone to bumps, dips and potholes. It is pretty easy to fill the potholes with dirt in a bid to provide a quick fix. However, professionals offer expert repair services to ensure the problem does not develop again. Most potholes develop as a result of water trapped under the surface, so Ayres Tarmacadam experts will begin by inspecting the quality of the underground drainage. They will dig a hole 3-4 feet in width and spread it outwards to find underlying drainage issues. If there is no problem, they proceed by clearing loose stones or debris that may prevent grit from being level. They also create firm edges using a shovel to ensure the filler material remains compact. The experts then proceed to fill the pothole.

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