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Car parks make great first impressions for many properties. Whether you own an industrial or private building, you want to keep this part of the property neat and free of potholes. A poorly maintained car park is characterised by uneven road surfaces, the prevalence of potholes and poorly assigned car park spaces, which can cause significant damage to a vehicle. Ayres Tarmacadam appreciates the importance of having a well-maintained car park and provides resurfacing services on both commercial and private properties. The professional company resurfaces driveways and roads, leading to industrial estates and repair surfaced areas to make them safe from trip hazards and vehicle damage. Here’s an overview of what our car park services comprise.

Car Park Resurfacing

Parking bay surfaces tend to wear out after prolonged use. Repairs may not be useful if the surface has not developed potholes. Car surfacing comes in handy as a simple and cost-effective method of enhancing the value of a property and its visual appeal. Our experts assess the surface to determine the extent of the resurfacing procedure the surface needs. If the surface is less than 20 mm, we only need to overlap the repaired area with the old to help the surfaces bond together. However, if the surface measures more than 20 mm in width, the existing tar should be cut and filled a new one. If items like oil spills, tree roots and other heavy fallen objects have caused the need for resurfacing, the existing surface is cut, the new base work installed and compacted using water. The new tar is then installed.

Car Park Surface Repairs

Deep potholes are unsightly more so when they develop on car parks. They are often caused by worn out tarmac or bad weather. Once a pothole forms, it only takes a while before it worsens, and if left unattended, they can damage a vehicle’s tires. Tires develop punctures while alloy wheels develop cracks as a result of driving over potholes. It can create problems for a business if the motorist decides to claim compensation for the damage. Ayres Tarmacadam offers pothole repairs on parking bays to avoid such unprecedented scenarios. We provide a complete one-stop-service, so you don’t need to engage another company for revisits. Our firm offers free quotes for all our services, so you just need to visit our website. Our professionals work with you throughout the process. They first attend the site at the most convenient time for your business to avoid disruption and make an assessment of material required before proceeding to repair the area. Here are six steps we follow when making repairs:

• Survey the site and identify underlying issues causing the problems
• A sealant is applied to the joints to prevent water penetration before applying a fresh layer of tarmac
• A base surface is applied, levelled and rolled using the latest road equipment
• A wearing course is applied and levelled using a roller compactor
• The area is allowed to cool before vehicles and pedestrians can use it
• The team performs a few final touches and removes excess gravel and other building materials

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